See Us Live

See Us Live

Get an up-to-date schedule of our rap concerts in and around Gillette, WY

Skatterbrain Productions is a collective of five individual rap artists based out of Gillette, WY. Our artists-Faze, EP, Tyrell Shae and Rachet Jesus-work together to support a movement from a new wave of local talent. From producing their own music "in house" to working shows and perfecting their videography, this rap collective is making waves in the industry that will soon emerge from the underground and continue to make their way up the charts.

If you're planning an event that you'd like to book our rappers on tour, feel free to reach out. You'll be glad you did.

Where can you find us?

Have you been looking for upcoming rappers on tour in the Gillette, WY area? If so, you've come to the right place. Scatterbrain Productions performs at:

  • Rap concerts
  • Live shows
  • Local events

We'll make sure to keep you updated once we have the dates ironed out for our local rap tour. Contact us today to book a show.