Four Solo Artists coming together to push a Movement

Four Solo Artists coming together to push a Movement

Learn more about this five-member rap collective based out of Gillette, WY

Skatterbrain Productions is a collective of five individual rap artists based out of Gillette, WY. Our artists-Faze, EP, Biskit and Big Hooch-work together to support a movement from a new wave of local talent. From producing their own music "in house" to working shows and perfecting their videography, this rap collective is making waves in the industry that will soon emerge from the underground and continue to make their way up the charts.

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Less label, more movement

Skatterbrain as an entity moves as a hive mind creating their own style of music, sound, stage presence and influence by being a collective group with unique individual skill sets.

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Support local artists

Nowadays, it can seem like the rap industry is getting stagnant. Five locals of the Gillette, WY area have come together to do something different, forming the rap group Skatterbrain Productions. We're quickly becoming fan favorites in the area.

If you want to hear unique voices, supporting local artists is a great way to do so. We perform at all types of events, and we never fail to make an impression. Call today to book a live performance.